Trust is truly the foundation for spirituality. It’s having the confidence to believe and release the control. Bringing in trust will help you release a lot of worry and anxiety.  When we trust, we not only open ourselves up to many possibilities but also to becoming vulnerable. That is scary to you, I know. It’s going out of your comfort zone and into an area that is unfamiliar to you but that is where the gold is. If we keep doing the same things over and over again and remaining safe, that doesn’t give us growth, it actually holds us still. We need to open up and go for it. We need to trust that there is amazing things outside our comfort zone. 

I clearly remember the day when I was 6 yo and learning to ride my bike. My mom would hold the back of the seat to guide me, as falling wasn’t an option to me and it was scary. Then, came the moment that she was pushing me and said “Ok, I’m letting go”, I remember the fear in my head and my heart was racing. Then, there it was, I had the balance and I was off. That moment of trust was the first I can remember in my life. I bring myself back when I was 6yo and able to trust the process. As an adult, when I start doubting, I have this to remind me that a little trust goes a long way.


“A little trust goes a long way”

There are a couple things I want you to know about trusting as you begin to bring it into your life.

First, you need to welcome it and be ready. You can’t resist it and be in fear, fear will only hold you still.

Then, believe it will work out. Believe and trust go hand and hand. Trust is like a muscle. The more you trust things will work out and they do, the stronger and more confident you will get with it. Next, let go of the old beliefs and doubt and open up to the new. It’s always important that when you release something, you bring in something new. SO releasing an old stale mindset needs to be filled with a more powerful and uplifting one. 

Lastly, be in the moment. Know that you are right where you need to be in this moment. 

Keep working at trust, like I said, it’s like a muscle, the more you work at it the stronger it gets. As you start seeing the change and what is possible, I promise you will want to thank me as your worry level will go way down. 

Always Here to Support You,