Mercury Is In Retrograde. We have all heard that term before but what does it mean? How it affects us? What can we do to lessen the chance of challenges for the next 3 weeks?

Mercury retrograde lasts about 3 weeks and happens 3-4 times a year.  The planet Mercury rules our intelligence and affects our self-expression, and communication style. This is when you need to be more careful what you say, text and email to people as things can be taken the wrong way. Technology tends to not be smooth sailing either, as well as travel plans tend to not go the way they were originally set.

SO, with that said here are a couple things to keep in mind and to keep you sane during this 3 week period.

“Embrace this time of learning and growth”

  • Don’t make major purchases during this time.  What may seem like a great idea or deal may prove you wrong once this period is over. Maybe the purchase price wasn’t as good or maybe you find out something was wrong with the new car you just bought, as if it was a “lemon”
  • Communication!  Be careful what you say, text or email! Think it through and make sure what you’re saying is extremely clear cut to the person you are talking to.
  • Travel plans can be affected.  The last time we were in Retrograde my husband had 2 business trips he had to take. BOTH times he was delayed for an extended period of time and one flight got canceled all together so he ended up coming home a whole day late. My advice if you have to travel in the next 3 weeks….Leave plenty of time and room for delays and cancellations.
  • Thinking of starting a new project? Hold off!   Starting a new project now may prove to not be a good idea. Others may not support the idea as you thought they would OR at the end of the 3 weeks, you may wish you did it another way.
  • Electronics. Be careful Mercury likes to make weird things happen to electronics. Have you noticed your phone freezing up? How about your computer not working right? No need to get frustrated, it will all be better in 3 weeks time.


There are many more things that go on during Mercury retrograde but I wanted to name a couple that I thought most could relate to. Understand that at the end of the 3 weeks, we will all experience major shifts in our energy and life. I think it’s a good idea to document the challenges that are thrown your way, so at the end of the 3 weeks you can look back and see the progress you have made. Embrace this as a time of learning and growth.  

Always Here to Support You,