Manifesting is knowing what you want and working to create and attract it to your life. It’s believing in something so much that the energy you put out there is so strong and aligned that things just fall into place the way they are meant to.  Let’s break this down for you in a simple way, so you can start manifesting what you want and need to your life.


The very first thing you need to start doing is releasing doubt and start trusting. By trusting you know that the “how” and the “when” of what you are manifesting is not up to you but that it is the job of the Universe. Beleive that the Universe will send it to you when you are ready for it. Sometime, you will find that what you are manifesting won’t come to you the way you thought. That is ok, you didn’t fail. The universe just knows more then you about how you need to receive what you are manifesting so you get the best growth possible from it. 


“Release doubt and start trusting”

Are You Ready To Manifest?

  • Set Your Intention. What are you looking to manifest. Start working on knowing and feeling that you want it and believe that you deserve it. Trust that it will work out. There is no room for any negativity when you are Manifesting. The universe picks up on your energy around it so the slightest doubt will throw your manifesting off. Sit in that energy of knowing you are ready to receive what you are manifesting. 
  • Ask For It. Keep reminding the universe you want it. When you think about what you are manifesting remind yourself to keep asking and remember the how and the when is not up to you. 
  • Visualize Having It. Close your eyes and imagine having what you are manifesting already. What does that look like? How does it feel? Bring in your uplifting emotions, happiness, excitement, joy ect. Sit in that for a bit and feel the emotions that align with receiving it. 
  • Remain Aware. When what you are manifesting comes to you. It’s time to Celebrate it. Feel it. Soak it up. Be sure to thank the universe for helping you. 

Remember not to control anything when you are manifesting. You are setting the intention, asking and letting the universe help you create the magic. 

Always Here to Support You,