Living in the present moment is one of the most important tools you can have in your tool box. It calms your anxiety and settles your overwhelm. It helps you enjoy what is in front of you and live for today. How many times throughout your day do you find your mind wandering and you get off track? You spiral downward thinking of everything you need to accomplish, like who needs to get to their practice or who will need your attention at a moments notice. Maybe it’s about thinking about what you should have said in a recent situation that happened in your life, what you should have done different and it brings back all the emotions you felt. 

None of that is serving you in the present moment. Being too worried about the future which causes anxiety or it’s living in the past with possible regrets which causes us to feel depressed. 


         “Remind yourself to take                      one thing at a time”

I’m going to share a few tips with you. These tips work if you stick with them. Catch yourself when you are thinking about the past which you have no control over, or living too much in the future causing a certain level of anxiety. 

*Look around you for a moment. What is in the room you are in? Draw you attention to things you see. 

*Start doing something with intention. Be engaged in what it is that you are doing. 

*Release control and accept things as is. It may not be the way you wanted things to line up but it’s the way it needs to be for now. 

*Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and count your breaths for a moment. 

*Lastly, relax your mind. You can journal, go for a walk, listen to a meditation  or music, anything that gets your mind to slow down. 

Remind yourself to take things one at a time. You can only accomplish one task at any given time, you are not a super-human.  Be grateful for what you have. We all need the reminder once in a while that life is precious and should never be wasted on living in the past or being worried about the future,  that only steals your joy. 

You’ve Got This!



Always Here to Support You,