Journaling is something that is not meant to be forced. It aids in mindfulness and clarity, bringing you to the present moment. You can do it when you have something going on in your life that you need to sort out or just make it a part of your daily routine. It’s good to help you keep track of progress on your Spiritual journey.  Journaling serves a different purpose for everyone, you decide how it fits into your schedule. It helps you gain clarity, motivation and confidence. 

Here some tips to help get you started and on track. 

  • Don’t force it. When we force ourselves to do things, we don’t get the most out of it. Some journal daily while others a couple times a week, the choice is yours. 
  • Be mindful. Make sure you are in a place to focus and able to put the chaos of your day to the side.
  • Clear your head and take a deep breath. This is good time to do your Intention Mediation.
  • Let your pen go, just write. Don’t judge. We tend to want to fix every spelling mistake or go back and make sense of what we are writing. This is different, go with your thoughts that are coming to you and let them flow. 
  • Reread. You can choose to look over what you wrote either now or later….I guarantee that there is some amazing info in there. 

“Gain clarity, motivation and confidence”

I’m going to give you a couple journal prompts to get you started. You can use these or come up wth your own. These will get your juices flowing and give you purpose for your writing. 

  • “What did I accomplish today?”
  • “What am I currently fearful of?”
  • “What is good in my life?”

Let me know how journaling works for you. 

Download our Grounding Mediation on our resource page to help you get started on your journal writing.  

Always Here to Support You,